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Beste Minorax, welkom op Wikibooks!

Met serieuze medewerkers kan Wikibooks verder uitgroeien tot een groter en nuttiger project. Daarom worden jouw (toekomstige) bijdragen zeer gewaardeerd.

  • Volg vooral de Lerarenkamer, daar verschijnen af en toe belangrijke mededelingen.

Veel plezier en succes namens alle collega's!

P.S.: Overleg ondertekenen doe je met 4 tildes, dus: ~~~~, of door op de onderteken-knop op de werkbalk te klikken.

Dit bericht verschijnt niet automatisch, maar wordt geplaatst door een gebruiker die de moeite neemt om jou persoonlijk te verwelkomen op Wikibooks.

- Erik Baas (overleg) 8 mei 2021 14:12 (CEST)Reageren[reageer]

Lint errors[bewerken]

Thanks a lot for helping out, but unfortunately something went wrong a couple of times:

  • [1]: AWB removed the font tags but left the small tags (which also are obsolete) in. Which means that one of us (?) has to do them all again... Not very useful! ;-)

I tried to fix some of them, but my script messes up a small tag with a style attribute. :-( Oh well, back to the drawing board... ;-) :-( - Erik Baas (overleg) 17 feb 2022 13:17 (CET)Reageren[reageer]

User:Erik Baas I wouldn't mind tweaking <small> & <big> into a <span> equivalent. What's your ideal solution for this? Minorax (overleg) 17 feb 2022 13:19 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
My script replaces small with span style="font-size: small;", unless there are two consecutive small tags (yes,really), in which case x-small is placed.
Same thing goes for big tags: big becomes span style="font-size: large;", two big tags x-large.
Alas, my script replaces a font tag containing a span with yet another span, which leaves us with two nested span tags; not nice, but it works (and is correct HTML/CSS). I can't think of a way to fix that wih RegExp() in a safe way... - Erik Baas (overleg) 17 feb 2022 13:45 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
User:Erik Baas I believe nesting a span tag within another isn't an issue as long no line breaks are involved. Will tweak my AWB and re-run it when I'm free. Minorax (overleg) 17 feb 2022 13:47 (CET)Reageren[reageer]

I thought the job was done, since Speciaal:LintErrors/obsolete-tag showed zero results. Alas, I found a couple more, and obviously so did you. After purging such pages - or performing a null edit - they still don't show up in that list. :-( - Erik Baas (overleg) 25 feb 2022 03:02 (CET)Reageren[reageer]

User:Erik Baas You can use this to find the remaining pages. Special:LintErrors is cached so it might have some issues occasionally. Minorax (overleg) 25 feb 2022 03:05 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
I know. It was just so disappointing... :-( And there's more: not just font tags, but also 236 big and 336 small tags. - Erik Baas (overleg) 25 feb 2022 03:13 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
This wiki has a considerably small amount of lint errors. Some wikis have thousands of it and have other issues such as misnested or unclosed tags. Minorax (overleg) 25 feb 2022 03:14 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
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