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Opdracht 1[bewerken]


TICKETS PLEASE (door Lily Macbeth)

Ushers in theaters and concert halls around the world see performances and plays for free, and 
neer have to wait in line for tickets. What is it like to be an usher?

"People often think that being an ushers is an easy job, but it isn't," says Peter Sullivan, 
an usher at the Palladium Theater. "It's difficult to stand so much! When I'm tired, I sit in 
an aisle seat during intermission, but my boss could fire me for that."

Ushers usually stand at the entrance to the auditorium. They give people programs, look at 
their tickets and show them their seats. Ushers must keep the audience quiet, especially after 
the curtain goes up. It isn't always easy.

"Last night one man was talking in a loud voice while the orchestra was playing," says Xavier 
Marcous. "I told him to quiet, but he didn't stop talking. Some people were very angry, but 
there was nothing I could do."

Actors and musicians sometimes work as ushers, too. Samantha Page studies acting and is also 
an usher. "I won't be an usher forever," she explains. "I'm going to be famous wan day. But 
I'll always remember beginnning my career as an usher!"


  • Het is makkelijk om een zaalassistent te worden. waar/nietwaar
  • Wat is "that" in de zin "but my boss could fire me for that"?
A. mensen programma's geven
B. in de rij wachten op de kaartjes
C. zitten tijdens de pauze
D. het publiek stilhouden
  • Wat moeten zaalassistenten NIET doen?
A. mensen programma's geven
B. praten toestaan tijdens een opvoering
C. staan tijdens de uitvoering
D. het publiek stilhouden tijdens een uitvoering
  • Soms zit Peter Sullivan tijdens de pauze omdat...
A. zijn baas hem kan ontslaan
B. hij moe is
C. hij niet in de rij wil staan voor kaartjes
D. hij de show wil zien
  • Een andere titel voor dit artikel kan zijn:
A. "The Man with the Loud Voice"
B. "Ushering Isn't Easy"
C. "Famous Actors"
D. The Palladium Theater"

Opdracht 2[bewerken]



Do you want to do something about ending crime in our city? Are you tired of hearing about
thieves stealing from innocent people? Don't take the law into your own hads, but don't walk in
the opposite direction when you see someone in trouble, either.

Join the City Police Force.
You can help catch and arrest these criminals.
Call today and ask about our police training program.


  • Wat kan een andere titel voor deze advertentie zijn?
A. "Join City Management"
B. "Help Catch Criminals"
C. "Take the Law into Your Own Hands"
D. "Help Train Police Officers
  • Wie zal er geïnterreseerd zijn in deze advertentie?
A. mensen die criminelen willen zijn
B. mensen die de stad niet belangrijk vinden
C. mensen die criminelen willen arresteren
D. mensen die willen roven en stelen.
  • Om te helpen om de criminaliteit te beëindigen, kun je...?
A. criminelen in nood arresteren
B. de wet in je eigen handen nemen
C. stoppen een onschuldig persoon te zijn
D. meedoen met een trainingsprogramma van de politie
  • Wie zijn "You" in "You can help catch ad arrest these criminals"?
A. mensen die bij de politie zitten
B. iemand in nood
C. dieven en criminelen
D. iedereen
  • Iemand die de wet in zijn eigen handen neemt, is een ambtenaar. waar/nietwaar

Opdracht 3[bewerken]



A new book is coming out next month by Nicole Hunt, a succesful businesswoman. In this book,
Ms. Hunt describes how she got started in business as well as het plans for the future.

Hunt started as a factory worker in a small town in Mississippi. After five years she was the
manager of the factory.

"I knew right away that I had to work hard if I wanted to succeed," Hunt explais in her book.

Today, Nicole Hunt is president of her own compagny. She owns three factories and is looking
for a new location for a fourth one.
She still lives in Mississippi, but is often out of town on business. She says that she doesn't
mind traveling and prefers to be busy.

Ms. Hunt is currently working on a new project. She is starting a group to help other women
succeed in business. "It's going to be an information center for all women interested in
startng their own business," Hunt says.

"It's not impossible to start from nothing and succeed. But it's necessary to work hard and
never give up. I owe my success to hard work and a little luck."


  • Nicole Hunt begon haar carriëre in een...?
A. fabriek
B. theater
C. school
D. kantoor
  • Nicole Haunt heeft succes omdat...?
A. ze veel gereisd heeft
B. haar vader veel geld had
C. ze hard werkte
D. ze een boek heeft geschreven
  • Waar staat "one" in de zin "for a fourth one" voor?
A. boek
B. bedrijf
C. organisatie
D. fabriek
  • Geef dit artikel een andere titel!
A. "Success without Luck"
B. "A Businesswoman's Success"
C. "Hunt's Factories Close"
D. "Nicole Hunt Loves Mississippi"
  • Nicole Hunt start een groep om mannen en vrouwen te helpen om succes te hebben in nieuwe zaken. waar/nietwaar
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