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The Midnight Special[bewerken]

DWhen you get up in theGmorning when the ding dongDring
You make it to theA7table, see the same oldDthing.
Ain't nothing on theGtable, but the pots and the Dpans
Say anything a-A7bout it, have trouble with theDman
Let the MidnightGSpecial shine your light onDme.
Let the MidnightA7Special shine your ever-living lights onDme
Yonder comes a LittleGNora. How do youDknow?
I know her by theA7apron, and the dress sheDwear.
Umbrella on herGshoulder, piece of paper in herDhand,
Looking for someA7sergeant to release herDman.
I never had theGblues so, in all my lifeDbefore,
Than when my babyA7left me, at the jailhouseDdoor.
Oh, she left meGcrying, the tears rolled down herDface.
Says, "I'd rather see youA7dead, boy, than in thisDplace."
When you go to theGcity, boys, you better have theDkale,
Or the law, they'll ar-A7rest you, and they'll put you inDjail.
The judge he'llGfine you, they'll shake youDdown,
If you haven't got theA7money, boys, you're jailhouseDbound.
If you got a good man,Gwoman, you better keep him atDhome,
For those cityA7women won't leave himDalone.
They'll paint andGpowder, they sure lookDswell,
And the first thingA7you know, woman, your man's gone to -uh- sing-Ding

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