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Songbook/Oh My Darling Clementine

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Oh My Darling Clementine[bewerken]

In a A cavern, in a canyon, - Excavating for a E mine
Dwelt a D miner forty A niner, - And his E daughter Clemen- A tine
Oh my A darling, oh my darling, - Oh my darling, Clemen- E tine!
Thou art D lost and gone for- A ever - Dreadful E sorry, Clemen- A tine.
Light she A was and like a fairy, - And her shoes were number E nine,
Herring D boxes, without A topses, - Sandals E were for Clemen- A tine.
Drove she A ducklings to the water - Ev'ry morning just at E nine,
Hit her D foot against a A splinter, - Fell in- E to the foaming A brine.
Ruby A lips above the water, - Blowing bubbles, soft and E fine,
But, alas, I D was no A swimmer, - So I E lost my Clemen- A tine.
How I A missed her! How I missed her, - How I missed my Clemen- E tine,
But I kissed her D little A sister, - I for- E got my Clemen- A tine.

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