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9-juni-2009: #osm op IRC; bijdragen voor "het ontstaan van OpenStreetMap"

(13:32:44) Firefishy: milovanderlinden: in the early days Steve would talk about OSM at any event he would be allowed. (13:33:03) Firefishy: milovanderlinden: He also personally invited a lot of people to get involved. (13:38:37) Firefishy: milovanderlinden: OSM really started to take off in the UK around the [1] and the guardian article... [2]

(13:53:20) Blackadder: milovanderlinden: I joined in the Autumn of 2005 and at that time the database was only just receiving data reliably. At that time we had the former Java on-line applet for editing. Then JOSM/Osmarender/Map Features a came on the scene in the spring of 2006 and the Isle of Wight followed soon after

(14:14:34) radagast: milovanderlinden: I think I remember Steve saying at one talk that he overlaid gps tracks collected from a taxi firm (ors) and thought it resembled a rudimentary map...

(14:19:48) Blackadder: radagast: two key events. Petter Reinholdtsen met Steve when he presented his initial idea and Petter had lots of taxi data (GPS) which was imported to the db very early on in the project. Then in Oct 05 Steve produced [3] from ecourier data

(14:20:38) Blackadder: (plus the other london data at the time) (14:21:47) Firefishy: The final signed copy is up in the Cloudmade offices. (14:22:03) Blackadder: and I have one still rolled up in a tube here

(14:23:07) radagast: milovanderlinden: link to the event I was at which Steve talked at: [4]

(14:24:45) Firefishy: milovanderlinden: but OSM would also not be without great work by other early guys.. Like Frederik Ramm in Germany

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